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Fiver was born in Duisburg, Germany in 1963. Since leaving Germany atthe age of 19 she has worked, lived and travelled around the world. She isinterested in documenting different cultures, working on the premise that everyculture looks strange to someone, and that what we think is normal is entirelyweird to someone else. She has worked in video, analog and digitalphotography and sketching and is currently exploring the medium of fine artprinting. She divides her time between Johannesburg, South Africa and variouslocations along the European canal system on her live-aboard boat “Hendrika”.


2019-11-16 04.50.22 1.jpg

Previous work “This is Syrious” has involved unravelling and processingthe complexities of migration, forced or otherwise. Somewhat of a nomadherself, Locker fuses historical cultures and belief systems with current news-based ideology to produce contemporary, poster-like images. Her workemploys a variety of processes (silk screen, digital art, lino printing, watercolour), seemingly just as complex, layered and influential as her subjectmatter. Sincere, important and impactful, Löcker’s work explores what it meansto be a citizen of the world today.


The series “Fati-Commando” from 2017 investigates the role of women asinvisible agents of culture. Sketching during visits to Iran and Malawi in thesame month in 2016 induced a kind of lucid culture shock, making connectionsbetween African and Persian mores despite the seemingly huge variationsbetween women’s lives in these different societies. By juxtaposing imagery ofstreet life Löcker highlights the similarities of the boundaries women face andthe restrictions placed upon them, utilising almost invisible shades of ink andembossing, resulting in the images vanishing into the background.


Her current project “Super Women” sees a re-combination of previoussubjects. Löcker utilises all manner of print processes, from stamps to lino cuts,from letterpress to monoprints, to create a powerful series of portraits ofordinary women inhabiting the characters of super heroes. Focussing on thewomen of Johannesburg in particular, the use of gold and red references thesource of Johannesburg’s power and the blood that is a source of a woman’spersonal power. Sketching in the street to gather faces enables her to bring animmediacy to the collaged prints, grounding them in reality

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