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Rabbit Productions is a print making art space in Newtown, Johannesburg. Placed at the intersection of the Muslim neighbourhoods of Mayfair and Fordsburg and the creative scene around the Market Square with the Market Theatre, Bus Factory, and Moving into Dance ballet school, Rabbit Productions mirrors the eclectic mix of art being produced in the area. Fashion designers upstairs, music producers across the hall and seed distributors over the road help me keep my art practice wide open. I love collaborating with artists and non-artists, offering my space to support local arts practitioners and those who want to find out if print making is for them. 


The Joburg art scene has been instrumental in empowering me to set up a studio, become a print maker and find the courage to put my work out there through exhibitions and collaborations. Without the support of my local art friends this would not have been possible. Now that I have found my place here I am keen to return the favour. As a feminist I am particularly keen to support women artists, who traditionally have a harder time finding a place to work that allows them to expand their horizons to make bigger, freer and more elaborate work.


Having a spacious studio has allowed me to think bigger, too. My work has gone from straightforward print making (see This is Syrious works) to complex mixed media monotype works, like my latest series about the menopause called A Dangerous Age (see A Dangerous Age works).



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